Wednesday, October 16, 2019

No, but thanks for asking

Why is a Monday night game the centerpiece on Wednesday's 1A? Probably because journalism will never give up its insistence on breaking the Fourth Wall and speaking directly on behalf of the whole beleaguered city/state/nation/whatever:

It felt like the whole state was sighing Tuesday, didn’t it? When we weren’t pounding on tables or screaming at replays?

It’s not like we’ve never experienced a loss before. Are you kidding? Lions fans experience loss? Are a wine maker’s fingers purple?

Can't say I saw a lot of the Whole State on Tuesday, but the parts I did see appeared to be holding up pretty well amid the burden.  

And while we're at it: No "cracked." If it ain't funny enough to stand without the prompt, it ain't funny enough, period.

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