Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween II

It's not quite what it seems. The lede, alas, clears things up rather well:
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Ebola cured! Mideast at peace!

Such a mellow place the world must be, that the tale of  someone allegedly trying to fire the surgeon-general in public is the only thing worth the front of the freedom-loving New York Post.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Sorry, but the comma was just enough of a speed bump to push this one into the next Com3210 slideshow. If you want to make sure we can tell two things are happening to the pastor (he's being disciplined, but he's still ordained), leave out the comma, so we don't mistake the ordination of the remains for a clause of their own.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

I couldn't either

News language is nothing if not imitative. Rather than looking up all that pesky grammar and style stuff, it's often easier to fall back on what the other guy is doing. If Drudge randomly drops pronouns and the heavens don't darken, might as well try it yourself -- particularly when the count is tight.

Now, what do you suppose made a rewrite of a local cut-n-paste from the real estate listings the fourth most super-important story of the afternoon? Well ... Chicago, gangsters -- maybe the commenters can tell us!

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

No, but thanks for asking

Robert Bell shares his home with decorative skulls and skeletons and, he says, real ghosts.
The ghosts have inhabited the western Henrico County rancher for years, Bell said. He even suggested that visitors on a recent night might see one.
Yes, I'm sure he did.

... A self-styled “paranormal investigator,” Bell said he has checked hundreds of homes, buildings and battlefields. He sometimes charges travel expenses, but overall the work is not profitable, he said. He does it for the enjoyment.

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Monday, October 20, 2014


Looks like it's time to reserve a few seats for the WashTimes design and copy desks on the next unheated cattle car to Siberia:

Despite the sudden loss of confidence on Wall Street last week, the U.S. economy shows little sign of faltering and its solid footing helped nurture a quick recovery in stocks.

Wait! Who put this at the top of the front page?

Economists point out that U.S. growth took off in the spring quarter with a 4.5 percent rebound from a winter slump and is expected to continue at a healthy 3 percent clip in the second half of the year. That far surpasses the growth rates in Europe and even bests the sluggish growth of formerly robust emerging economies such as Brazil and Russia.

Perhaps more important, the U.S. jobs machine got back into action this year, churning out a string of job gains averaging well over 200,000 a month in what looks to be the best year for job growth since the 1990s.
You'll be telling us that Nigeria has been declared free of Ebola next.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hello there, stranger!

How far did you say it was to Little Rock, Nation's Newspaper of Record?

Because of an editing error, an article on Friday about Bermuda’s preparations for Hurricane Gonzalo as it approached the island misstated, in some copies, the location of Bermuda relative to North Carolina. It is 670 miles east of North Carolina, not west.

If you said "three lengths of a fool," take the rest of the day off. When in doubt, look it up; when certain, look it up anyway.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Today in advertising

Ever seen the Michelin man's baby pictures? Neither had I. This is from the Times on this date in 1947.

Should you be scoring along at home, the first ad on British TV was still almost eight years away.