Monday, September 07, 2015

Who did what to whom?

No peeking: Who (or what) is doing what (or whom) to whom (or what) in the story?

As we're going to find fairly often this semester (hint), the problem isn't that the hed is wrong -- the problem is that it's right about more than one thing:

Nevada veterans with questions about delays in processing their disability claims and the ever-growing backlog say they've hit another roadblock.

Fox could have made things easier on itself, or it least easier on its readers. Having removed any references to the "signature problem" (or "problem with signatures," if you don't want to give the impression that it's a signature problem the way statistical cluelessness is a signature problem) in lifting its seven-graf report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, it ought to have plenty of room in the hed for "backlog of claims at VA" or something like that.

Expanding the scope from one "valley Air Force veteran" to "Nevada veterans" didn't help, either. My first guess is still that the VA is doing the claiming, but at least by the end of the original hed, it seems less likely that it's doing all that claiming about one guy.

But why pay attention to stuff like comprehension when the readers clearly get the point you intended anyway? Take it away, Fox readers:

How's that affirmative action hiring and no firing working for ya now VA ?????

Obama aka piece of garbage has not improved treatment for our veterans because he hates the military and wants to destroy it. Part of his plan to destroy America.

What do they expect from a blue state, protect us so we can spend other peoples money.

At times like this its best to scream the totally incompetent black clown boy mantra while taking a dump on a police cruiser...."Yeth We Can!!!!"

This is the same administration that is running your healthcare program; Obamacare....What could possibly go wrong?

The VA now is a reflection of Obama's administration......just a frigging joke.

OBAMA"S 8 years as  president,and nothing ever changed at the Veterans Administration,he never did anything for veterans except for one,a DESERTER..........

Billions for illegals.  Abandonment for Veterans by this Nation. How truly sad.

Yet welfare moms, druggies and illegals do not have to wait for care.........liberalism ruined this once great Republic.

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