Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's all about the fear

Because it can't really be a bombing without some kind of connection to those scary people who go to church on Fridays -- right, The Washington Times?

The garish, multistory Nana Entertainment Zone is a cul-de-sac best known for its sensational striptease bars, nude lesbian transsexual clubs and illicit prostitution.

It is not typically a place where one would expect to find the national police chief, assuring the foreign men drinking beer at a bar beside dolled-up Thai women that they had no need to worry for their safety.

So -- not the mosque, then?

But that’s where National Police Chief Somyot Pumpanmuang and his uniformed officers were to be found Saturday night, part of a governmentwide effort at damage control five nights after a pipe bomb killed 20 people and wounded more than 100 at a popular nearby religious shrine.

Now we're getting somewhere! Unless ...

... The bomb at a popular Hindu shrine in what is known as “Bangkok’s Times Square” shattered the authoritarian government’s 15-month-long, expensive propaganda campaign, which boasted monotonously that Mr. Prayuth seized power to “return happiness to the people.”

Kind of a shame you couldn't work "Hindu mosque" into the hed. That might have cut down on the confusion among commenters:

A mistake or deliberate media misinformation designed to make us this Muzzies were the target? Every mosque everywhere in the world should be bombed - with chemical weapons.

Bangkok "MOSQUE" bombing? If only it was. It was the Shrine to Brahma that was bombed by a Moslem. The State religion of Thailand is Brahmanism.

Probably a good thing you bought gold and freeze-dried food after the usurper turned his minions on the stock market, huh?



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