Thursday, September 03, 2015

Step right up, step right up!

The New York Post's hard-hitting economic reporter is at it again:

If this column had sound, I’d be playing organ music right now with the volume climbing like in all those old horror movies — followed by a shriek, “Aiieee!”

On Friday, the US Labor Department releases its August employment report and, no matter how it goes, it could be very frightening.

Or -- because such is the nature of "could" predictions -- not.

If the number is too weak, people will worry even more than they already are about the health of the US economy. Too strong and the concern will be that the Federal Reserve finally has the excuse it needs to raise interest rates.

I don’t think there was good job growth in August. And statistical quirks in how the numbers are compiled could actually make the growth look very disappointing.

Or ... not. Anyway, if the first Friday of the month is a moment of joy for you, you'll want to tune in and see how the Post fared in its prediction.


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