Monday, May 26, 2014

Sentence of the morning

Back story: Popular restaurant on Woodward, formerly an auto repair shop, has bought some houses to knock down for a parking lot, and some neighbors aren't happy:

Guirey and his neighbors say they believe that the lot will drop their property values faster than Vinsetta Garage diners order french fries and cheese curds with their beer and custard milkshakes.

You might be asking exactly how fast that is. Or you might be asking if that's what the retired auditor and his neighbors actually said. (A widely followed if usually unwritten journalistic peeve holds that you can never write about what people "think," only what they "say they think"; here, it collides with another peeve, which holds that you "believe" in, e.g., the power of love but "think" about parking and property values.) You might even be wondering who exactly thought a pop-up link from "french fries" to a Big Mac ad seemed like a good idea. But you can at least be grateful that some hyphen-obsessed editor downtown didn't decide to create a "beer-and-custard milkshake."

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Blogger Denise Vultee said...

The Freep apparently uses Vibrant Media in-text ads. Roll over the word "investor" in the same story, for example, and an equally irrelevant Charles Schwab ad apppears. They must figure the revenue they make from this arrangement is worth confusing or annoying a few readers.

3:05 PM, May 26, 2014  

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