Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Light of the staple

Which handbasket is the world going to hell in today, Fair 'n' Balanced Network?

Before you polish up the tongs for the grilling season, brace yourself.  Rising prices or shortages of many summer barbecue stables may put a damper on that Memorial Day party.

From booze to burgers, a spike in demand for some classic food and drink items, coupled with harsh weather conditions, has made it more expensive than ever to get your grill fired up.
Read on to see how your favorite summer foods could go up in smoke -- and plan accordingly.

And we all know whose fault that is, don't we, commenters?

Food prices all around have risen to astronomical prices ever since 2009.

Hmm. How do you suppose this perennial spring tale looked at Fox on ... could it be May 21, 2008? "Americans are about to fire up their barbecues for the start of the summer cookout season, and one thing has become painfully apparent: It's going to cost a lot more than it did last year to roast a burger,* or just about any other barbecue favorite, on the grill."

Anyway, back to today's comments:

Just the beginning folks.  Food Pantries have been running out of food and can't keep up with the demand on a normal day 'cause more and more people, under this administration, need help and they are losing jobs.  I have a neighbor who voted for barry 2x, whose unemployed now and I don't feel one bit sorry for her. 

The cost of living will necessarily rise under my administration, in order to justify my flaky social engineering scheme. Coincidentally, I'll also offer to buy your votes with promises of free stuff.

Hey, mon, obum says we are doing fine in fact better than ever.  Guess, that boy, as never been to the grocery store.

All food prices are rising at an alarming rate.This is a sure fire way  to assure a higher percentage of people will become dependant on government assistance

Can't feed spent grain from beer to livestock. EPA going after farmers & ranchers like they are criminals. Obama's admin has a war on food!

Obama goes to Martha's Vineyard, takes two whole 747's and a separate $$$$ plane for his dog just like last time, heee really cares that you have a more expensive BBQ rib,,,,,can't you see him cry?

EVERY single stable facet of the American  economy is being attacked in one way or another by the obama group. WATCH OUT AMERICA ! ! !     From the Coal mines to the back yard vegetable garden, we are being monitored and CONTROLLED ! ! !

Absolutely. This is manufactured inflation. Combined with an awful economy and already inflated prices on every single thing, this is exactly what a ton of regulations is designed to do to a free market. The American people are like a bunch of frogs in slowly boiling water and this is exactly what oweblamers administration has wanted all along. Our only hope is to have conservatives take over the senate this year and put an end to this train wreck, then try to start fixing it in 2016. 

To conclude, this bit of Fox wisdom:

But some are predicting that even with more hops, craft brewers may be forced to raise beer prices. We recommend snapping up your favorite ale now.

From the Stuff Editors Used To Know front: No, don't do that. Beer's kind of like liquid bread. Try it fresh.

* "Roast a burger" is the AP's fault, as is the awesome hed spelling: "Prices soar for Memorial Day fixins' for barbecues."



Anonymous raYb said...

Stables, huh? Vocabulary not their long suit, it appears. Nor is spelling much in vogue for the commenters. I do wonder what Obama's doing with all the cash he's squeezing out of this stable inflation.

12:39 AM, May 25, 2014  

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