Sunday, May 18, 2014

Today in elongated yellow fruit

It's a good day on the elongated yellow fruit front! First, this from our neighbors to the south, passed along by the ever-alert Bremner Editing Center:

South Carolina’s state beverage is milk. Its insect is the praying mantis. There’s a designated dance—the shag—as well a sanctioned tartan, game bird, dog, flower, gem and snack food (boiled peanuts). But what Olivia McConnell noticed was missing from among her home’s 50 official symbols was a fossil. So last year, the eight-year-old science enthusiast wrote to the governor and her representatives to nominate the Columbian mammoth. Teeth from the woolly proboscidean, dug up by slaves on a local plantation in 1725, were among the first remains of an ancient species ever discovered in North America.

And then there's the Fair 'n' Balanced Network:

Seven decades after ­Allied troops stormed Normandy’s beaches and saved France from the Nazis, the surrender-happy nation is turning its back on hundreds of US veterans who want to return next month to mark the invasion’s 70th anniversary.

And our source for this is ...

France has broken its promise to pay for the vets to fly to this year’s commemoration, according to Rep. Michael Grimm.

Would that be the Rep. Michael Grimm passing the word along to the New York Post there? The one who threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony for daring to ask about the investigation that, um, led to his indictment? Interesting way to get back into the spotlight, don't you think?

“Our chief-of-staff heard it from the French Embassy in DC — that they would be flown out to France [for free],” said Nick Iacono, a spokesman for the Staten Island congressman.

But when The Post contacted the embassy Friday, the French turned up their noses as if smelling rotten Camembert.

Since it's still May in a year that ends in "4," do you figure somebody ought to remind the rubes in New York that the French are a little meaner than they let on, surrenderwise?


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