Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On what planet ...

... with how many backward-rotating methane-fed suns, does the editor of the, you know, New York Times become "NYT Jill"?

Oh, right. The strange world of the Murdoch redtop! These are from the spring 2004 stash:

TV Henry is broke
TV Kiefer injured in bar fight
TV Carol sees spot where skydive daughter died
TV Chris is new Dr Who

In other words, The Drudge Report* isn't just the sort of place where stories reflecting gender equity issues get headlines that, you know, exemplify gender equity issues. It's also the sort of place that bows to foreign headline dialects, and that's just flat-out un-American. (Not to mention the claim quotes.)

When, when will Drudge and the New York Post be held to account for their traitorous headlines? Only you have the answer, America!

* If you get the "war" bit, you read far too much paranoid media for your own good and should take a vacation.

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