Tuesday, January 07, 2014

We're No. 4! And ... No. 19!

Today in the War on Editing: UPI simplifies the guessing game about what that pesky "USC" means:

... Florida State was No. 12 in the pre-season poll and took over the No. 1 spot Dec. 1, two days after Auburn stunned season-long No. 1 Alabama with a return of a missed field goal.

Auburn (12-2), which didn't receive poll votes until early October and wasn't ranked until Oct. 20, is second. Michigan State (13-1) took the No. 3 spot with South Carolina (11-2) finishing fourth and Missouri (12-2) coming in fifth.

Good so far?*

... UCLA (10-3) comes in at 16th and Oklahoma State (10-3) ends up 17th with Texas A&M (9-4) at No. 18. South Carolina (1-4), unranked in the final regular-season poll, takes the 19th spot and Arizona State (10-4) is 20th.

Sadly, no. N0. 19 would be the USC in that other time zone.

Thanks to the alert cousins in the Philadelphia bureau, who also provided the hed.

* M-I-Z!

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