Saturday, January 04, 2014

The black guy's playing golf again

You can read the whole story, or you can just kind of get the whole idea from the top cutline:

R&R: President Obama gives rare access to a media pool Thursday as he plays his seventh round of golf during his Hawaiian vacation. The first family also has taken two hikes, two beach trips and one snorkeling adventure, but has not attended church, even for Christmas.

Oh, all right. Enjoy some reader comments too!

His signature legislation is grinding the healthcare system into rubble, but he has plenty of time for golf and
tweeting platitudes about how great Obamacare is. Incompetent. Corrupt. Lawless.

When is the press going to pressure the man child about reneging on his promise of keeping our health insurance. ... Obamacare should be punished for violating our 8th amendment rights!

Never. He's not Nixon; he's a leftwing nut and black.

Correction: only half African.

Yes, but in the left politics of race and gender, only the dark part counts.

For the record. Barack Hussein Obama is 6.75% Kenyan black, 43.25% Arab and 50% white.

Has he had time to catch up on his favorite TV shows? What a renaissance man! It just goes to show how far a sociopath can go when lies and dishonesty are used like staples and paper clips.

Like 'The Jeffersons'? The theme song fits the 'royal' family to a t.

The reporters, if they had any cajones, would knock the chip off the pretender's shoulder! The vacationer in chief confiscates $1,300,000,000/year from the fruit of our labor to live his infamous lifestyle. That equates to more than $148,400 dollars every hour of every day. What is the point of the press following the man child around? ... When is the press going to find out his whereabouts on 9/11/12? When will we learn who ordered the military to stand down? When are they going to handle the cover-up with Watergate seriousness? No one died because of Watergate yet Nixon resigned. The man child pretender should start packing his bags.

He just loves being president but hates the job. Wonder why, could it be that he is better at a vacation than in the white house?

The boy has never held a meaningful job in his life. Its been a con from day one.

bama gives every evidence he's just in this for the trappings. That he's not our real president but just a puppet for the real powers that control him through the NSA.

Strings being pulled by Valerie whose strings are being pulled by the likes of someone like Soros or worse. The Manchurian Candidate that got elected TWICE! Yet, almost no one can connect the dots...

And I think the term you're looking for is "shave ice," not "shaved ice." But that's between you and your copy desk.


Blogger The Ridger, FCD said...

Thanks for putting the comments below the fold. I'm not reading them.

9:18 PM, January 04, 2014  
Blogger fev said...

The interesting thing about the comments (and they're an acquired taste, I admit) is how little is new in the last four years. "Worse than Nixon" and the fractional portioning of his ancestry are pretty much the only themes that weren't there the first time I tried to harvest the data.

I have a research agenda forever ...

10:56 PM, January 04, 2014  

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