Sunday, January 07, 2018

What we drink about when we drink about war

This ad is sort of how we talk about beer, but it's really more how we talk -- or don't -- about the state of exception. It's from Life's April 13, 1942, issue, and it appears (make of that what you will) in the middle of a big spread about the "vermin press":

In times like these, all of us feel increasing need to be together in friendly groups. Courage and stamina are bred in the circle of good companionship. But certainly we are not in the mood for big, lavish parties. 

Beer and ale are very naturally the basis of today's simple hospitality. Beer is the very symbol of friendship ... of rest and peace after work and strain.

It is the beverage of thoughtful and tolerant people who live sanely and wisely. Most important of all, beer is the beverage of moderation for a self-disciplined people.

Well, and it's also how we talk about gender:

... Remember that beer and ale can do much during these strenuous times to bring relaxation and pleasure to your husband, your family, and your circle of friends.

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