Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Mind if we dance with your dates?

Q: Is the Murdoch press really, really scared of black people?
A: You make the call!

The federal grand jury handing down indictments for special counsel Robert Mueller doesn’t appear to include any supporters of President Donald Trump, according to one witness who recently testified before the panel.

“The grand jury room looks like a Bernie Sanders rally,” my source said. “Maybe they found these jurors in central casting, or at a Black Lives Matter rally in Berkeley [Calif.]

Well, thanks for the brackets. Could we go into some journalistic detail?

Of the 20 jurors, 11 are African-Americans and two were wearing “peace T-shirts,” the witness said. “There was only one white male in the room, and he was a prosecutor.” Mueller was not present.

This wouldn't be one of those unnamed sources, would it? Because everybody knows those are fake.

... My source said, “That room isn’t a room where POTUS gets a fair shake.”

And what kind of tabloid is it where the prescriptive ghost of Hildy Johnson doesn't slap you around with a wet AP Stylebook for saying indictments are handed "down"?

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