Sunday, July 10, 2016

America in peril!

So how is freedom under assault today, Drudge Report?

Tea Party activist Norm Novitsky’s In Search of Liberty, a crowdfunded feature film about the U.S. Constitution, has been shut down in Savannah, GA, after 30 members of his crew walked off the job. The group, made up mostly of students and recent graduates from the Savannah College of Art and Design, had been seeking union representation, living wages and reclassification as employees rather than independent contractors.

Never mind the verb voice in the first clause -- let's hear more about the particular pillar of freedom that the labor goons are eroding!

The film, which stars Food Network host Bobby Deen, son of reality star Paula Deen, bills itself as a “a straight-to-DVD release that tells the story of a captivating statesman from America’s past” who takes a present-day family on a series of wild adventures that “opens their eyes to the origins and importance of the U.S. Constitution, the degree to which it is under attack and what can be done to save it.”

So ... sort of the freeware version of Rush Revere and his talking horse?

The film’s crew had worked on the shoot for three weeks. Dissatisfied with their wages and working conditions, they approached IATSE for representation. They walked off the job en masse on July 2, and the producers shut down the film Thursday when they couldn’t find a replacement crew.

Good thing the employer always "offers" and the union always "demands" -- otherwise, we'd be stuck with a hed like Teabilly Filmmakers Halt Production As H'wood Glamour Fails To Pay The Rent, and that's never going to fit in a 1/36, let alone a narrative of union thuggery. 

What with the existential threat to freedom and all, it's unfortunate that the beleaguered filmmaker declines to comment, leaving the reporter to recite pesky details:

... IATSE has filed unfair labor practices charges with the National Labor Relations Board, claiming union reps were subjected to threats and acts of intimidation during their efforts to organize the workers. A member of the crew is scheduled to present evidence Monday to the wage and hour division of the U.S. Department of Labor that crew members were not paid minimum wages and did not receive overtime pay.

Given that somewhere around 40% of the country seems to hope a Dean Trump would revoke the little hoodlums' charter, one hopes for coverage of the hearing.

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Anonymous Nancy said...

The "offers and demands" link is broken (and I really want to re-read that post!).

7:52 PM, July 10, 2016  
Blogger fev said...

Ack! Should be fixed now.

A large dose of Liebling is in order for the media world now.

8:29 PM, July 10, 2016  

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