Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You can waltz in like Ozzie ...

... or you can waltz in like Harriet, but you can't waltz in like Ozzie and Harriet. That's more or less the problem with the Freep lede here: You can explode over the riverfront, or in the skies, but exploding over the skies is going to be a challenge in space-time.

Nor am I blown away by the choice of illustration for the day's Brexit coverage:
Apparently, photos of the Elizabeth Tower reflected in puddles are already A Thing. I'm not sure if it's the complete irrelevance of "Big Ben is reflected in a puddle in London on Monday as Britain, in line with Thursday's vote, began preparations to leave the European Union" or the overall Magritte-meets-Terry Gilliam vibe, but I'm unmoved. And turning the paper upside down doesn't help.

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Anonymous Picky said...

But it's good to know that the display was mammoth, and that the fireworks were colorful, otherwise the spectacle might not have been quite so fiery

7:47 AM, July 01, 2016  

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