Saturday, July 02, 2016

Bet he didn't

OK. You change the batteries in your calculator every few months because if your mom says she loves you, you need to know if she means at p < .05 or if her love merely approaches statistical significance and she probably prefers your little brother. And, of course, for this:

During a prayer meeting-Bible study in the First Baptist sanctuary, 30 or so members prayed for Trump after one of them brought up a report that Trump had recently become a “born-again” Christian. The source of the story was Dobson, who has since dubbed Trump a “baby Christian.”

.... Among those praying: Your Name Here, 97, of Charlotte, a First Baptist member since 1942 who said he voted for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas – the top choice of evangelicals – in North Carolina’s GOP primary.

So naturally it's time for a telling detail:

But now Here, who cast his first vote for president in 1936, is ready to go with Trump. “He’s probably a blowhard, but I think he has some good ideas,” Here said. “He is saying what I think a majority of people want to hear ... and I think he would do a good job picking judges.”

If he was born in late July 1918, then yes -- he would have turned 18 in time for the 1936 election. And would have turned 21 in plenty of time to vote in 1940.  When you have a chance to talk politics with folks that age, it's rude to be too skeptical, but you're not excused from doing the math.

In general, it'd be nice if stories of this sort were more inquisitive -- if sources who express concern about "Clinton’s record on Benghazi" had a chance to explain how that record differed from Fox News's, for example. Big details build on small ones, and the election is actually approaching.

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