Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Tin soldiers and Truman coming

Here's the problem. If you want to rant and scream in a frontpage editorial, you really need to start by having a little respect for the evidence. For one thing, you could avoid proclaiming that turnout fell from 1.9 million to 21%. For another, you could ask whether George Wallace was old enough to have run for president in 1947, because no. (Nixon was closer, but still no.) Do you think your entire audience is as harried, or clueless, as the few copy editors remaining between you and the horror of the shade?

Things are a bit clearer when you read the corrected version online:

From Michigan's primary high point of 47% in 1972  when 1.9 million voters cast ballots in the state's primary — Democrat George Wallace and Republican Richard Nixon won the day — turnout has dropped sharply, to 21% in 2008.

... though you can always hope that the Red Cross will show up soon with some commas. Still, if you want to be taken seriously when you declare on the front page that Donald Trump is a "contemptible billionaire," you probably want to start by demonstrating a little downpage competence.

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