Tuesday, February 09, 2016

I mixted you a metąphor

Somehow, I think we're missing the point here:

Hamtramck — It's Black Friday for foodies.

It's a last taste of decadence before a season of denial and penance.

It's Fat Tuesday. Paczki Day, as Metro Detroiters know it.

I'm not bothered by likening a Tuesday to a Friday, but Black Friday seems like the wrong one for a "last taste of decadence before a season of denial." Nor (having had two last night and one this morning) am I convinced that paczkis* are the stuff "foodies" are made of.
 But it wouldn't be a holiday without a little excess writering in the press, would it?

* Like both local papers, I kind of go both ways on how to pluralize it.

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