Saturday, February 13, 2016

13 Detroit fallout shelters that are bigger on the inside

BuzzFeed style meets Heritage Foundation fear appeal, and the results will amaze you!

Unfortunately, the map itself doesn't live up to the interactive promise of the email alert. If the asserted range of the missile upgrade is correct, the answer is "yes, if you live in the United States." If the previous assessment holds up, then they're not going to get much closer than Ypsilanti (sorry, Eastern) -- but what we're really looking for here is some mouseover action, maybe with mushroom clouds. Promising and not delivering is bad new-media manners, you guys.

At a fount of knowledge I worked at back in the previous millennium, a business writer summed up one of the periodic efforts to liven up the frontpage presentation: "It's like seeing my grandma at the disco." With respect to his gran and grans everywhere (especially those who stop in here every now and then), be reminded: One does not make the transition from Police Detain Suspect to Cops Nab Thug in this one weird trick.


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