Thursday, April 30, 2015

Theoretical Thursdays: Symbolic convergence

So, how many times do you figure the dusky harridan is mentioned in the 513-word EAGnews epic that Drudge links to here? If your first guess was "none," take the rest of the day off!

The usurper himself, of course, appears in the lede:

Meat dating to the year of President Obama’s first inauguration was served to students in some Hawkins County, Tennessee schools last week.

... but nowhere else in the text -- not that a few minor evidentiary details ought to get in the way. How do EAGnews readers talk about this story?

I'm sure they serve that stuff in the White House too. Socialists want nothing but the best for our kids.

You have to remember, socialism is not for the socialist. It is for everyone else.
This is how they get kids to accept meatless days and hate meat so they can be nice and suggestable like the cults that also change peoples diets for similar reasons...
Nobody in the White House eats pork. It's forbidden (Haram)
Pack your kid's lunch. If you can't trust the school to not teach you children a bunch of failed Marxist ideas how can you trust the food? Soon Mochelle will be pushing gruel and stale bread.
Obama had Wagyu filet mignon last night. I'd love to force him and Moochelle to eat a bowl of this crap. EAT IT MF'er!
DISGUSTING ...Send it to the White House; let Barry's children eat it!
They should feed it to him and his Moose three times a day for the next 19 months...
So if you tuned in last night and were wondering how long the Wagyu tenderloin would take to come around again on the guitar, there's your answer: As soon as somebody can connect the dots to the usurper and his family! To explain that, we have symbolic convergence theory, which lets us make guesses about how people think about stuff by the kind of stories they tell and where they place themselves in those stories.

We know what kind of starship officer you are when you stare into the void and mutter "So ... it begins." In framing terms, we also understand who the good guys and bad guys are, what sorts of things go into the solution set, and what sort of problem you seem to be dealing with. Symbolic convergence is the map by which those stories come together. A story about some goobers in Tennessee who don't have a problem with serving stuff they stuck into the freezer six years ago is an Obama story because, well, Obama!

I'd say symbolic convergence is really more complicated than that, but it isn't. It's an elegantly simple way of letting people explain what they're talking about  by just letting them talk. Almost like -- I don't know, journalism or something?



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