Monday, April 13, 2015

Today in visual journalism

Wonder how many times we'll see the Maniacal Hillary mug over the next few months. That should make an amusing content analysis for someone.

Meanwhile, enjoy this from the Weekly Standard, headed "Brooklyn hit with anti-Hillary street art" (and dutifully picked up by the Daily Mail):

A source sends along these photos from Brooklyn today of anti-Hillary Clinton signs everywhere. Clinton is expected to announce her presidential campaign later today. The campaign's headquarters are located in Brooklyn.

The signs appear to be a riff on a group of supporters calling certain words often used to describe Clinton as sexist. Words such as 'secretive,' 'ambitious,' and 'entitled.'

The signs are posted near Hillary's campaign headquarters:

(Here follow the, um, three photos that earlier were "everywhere," though somehow "street art" seems to invest it with -- oh, a bit of a borrowed aura?)

It is not known who posted or funded the Brooklyn street art.

Bummer. Too bad we didn't think of asking the source, huh?


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