Tuesday, July 08, 2014

At Soviet copydesk, headline writes you!

Quick, see if there's still a space on the next unheated cattle train to Siberia. Somebody seems to have forgotten who's weak and who isn't:

It is said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been playing chess while President Obama has been playing checkers, or even marbles. While it is true that Mr. Putin is playing a game of chess on the stage of history, the United States is not playing a different game. Rather, like a pawn on Russia’s chessboard, Mr. Obama is just being played. (April 15)

Instead, Mr. Obama was seen as weak in the tense standoff and his sanctions impotent. Mr. Putin, however, was seen as fully in command of the situation, pulling off the audacious land grab without so much as a scratch on him. (April 8)

With his uncontested success in Georgia and now with the annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula, we can be sure that the weakness of our leadership has only whetted the KGB thug’s appetite. Will eastern Ukraine next? After all, there are Russian-speaking nationals in eastern Ukraine who obviously will want protection from the regime in Kiev, which Mr. Putin declares is fascist. (March 25)

The weakness shown by President Obama on the world stage has opened the door for Russian aggression in Ukraine, Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday. (March 9)

Sarah Palin took to Sean Hannity airwaves this week to discuss her 2008 predictions that Russia’s Vladimir Putin would take advantage of President Obama’s weak overseas policies — and to take a more personal jab at the president. (March 4)

That’s pretty strong stuff, but it is evident that Mr. Obama’s foreign policy and national security team is one of the weakest in recent decades. ... “We have a weak and indecisive president who invites aggression,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican. (March 4)

The American people and those who rely on us for their very existence must know that we are there for them. Dithering and weakness lead to war that could have been avoided. (March 3)

The GOP has a message for Secretary of State John Kerry, and it’s not a kind one: Your penchant for all talk, no action, is making the United States look weak on the Ukraine situation. The same goes for President Obama, key Republicans said. (March 3)

Regarding Ukraine, Mr. Obama’s weak-kneed response has not stopped Russia and likely emboldens enemies and rivals in contested flashpoints worldwide. (March 2)

Let's try to do a little better next time, shall we?

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