Friday, July 04, 2014

You're not making it easy on us

Rolling Stone gets its feet caught in headline habits on this one. The trouble with using a comma to replace "and" is that we don't know where to make the compound: are Neil Young and the Crazy Horse bassist doing something, or is the bassist for Neil Young and Crazy Horse doing something? The singular verb clears it up eventually, but that's still more work than a hed ought to make you do -- even in the specialized press.

h/t Danny of the Clean Desk Club: Keep them god dang desks clean.


Anonymous raYb said...

Maybe it's a result of the War on Editing or, perhaps, just someone who doesn't take time to read what they just wrote. Either way, it''s a great way to continue pushing readers away from your product. But it would be easy to fix that mess:

Billy Talbot, Bassist for Neil Young,
Crazy Horse, Suffers Mild Stroke
Bassist for Neil Young, Crazy Horse,
Billy Talbot, Suffers Mild Stroke

10:35 AM, July 06, 2014  

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