Thursday, June 26, 2014


Just a couple minor suggestions for the morning 1A meeting at the Star:

1) If you have to burn a third of your summary deck ("The party with an elephant for a mascot") just to explain the illustration, you have the wrong illustration.

2) He might have stepped right over the skyline, but -- keep your voice down and move slowly toward the exits -- it looks like at least some of your fair city is about to take a pretty serious stomping.

Really. That's a lot of time and space invested in what amounts to an undigestible word-n-image hash. The elephant and donkey aren't the universally recognized icons you think they are, and a Godzilla hit on some office buildings isn't exactly an intuitive way to explain why you didn't make the top two list of places to hold a convention in midsummer. Next time an idea like this starts to take on a life of its own, drop a dictionary on it. 



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