Monday, July 08, 2013

This do in remembrance of ... wait, what?

Today's tip for The Fox Nation: Don't put "in memory of" after the verb unless you want it to mean -- how's that, Oxford English Dictionary? "So as to keep alive the remembrance of"?

A festival celebrated in memory of the great slaughter of the Danes. (1677)
The Colum erected in Memory of the Dreadfull Fire of London. (1712)
Through latest ages let it pour In mem'ry of my dying hour. (1781)
No—I'll not burn it—I'll keep it in memory of her, poor thing! (1874)
Tennyson Down..was given to the Trust in 1927 by the 2nd Lord Tennyson in memory of his father who walked there when living at Farringford nearby. (1992)

So your hed's kind of at odds with the day's outrage story, credited to the Post-Dispatch:

In recent weeks, the grounds crew had carved a cross and a No. 6 (in honor of the late Stan Musial) on the back side of the mound. But general manager John Mozeliak, who said he first had learned about the practice from a Post-Dispatch report and photo, said Friday night that he had asked that the practice cease.

Like much of the bad grammar you see in news, the hed is perfectly correct -- it's just correct about something entirely different from what the writer meant. 

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