Monday, July 01, 2013

One born every minute

Or, to judge by Monday's paper, several are born every minute. What else are we to make of the simultaneous appearance on the front of "More people hiring life coaches to help them over the hurdles" and "Pet owners turning to psychics, tarot"?

A hint for the folks downtown: If the hed on your consumer watchdog column* says "Do you need a life coach?" and the answer is something other than "step right up, step right up!" or "it's your checkbook," ur doin it wrong. (Which, in turn, should remind you that there's an entire online enterprise that can tell you what your pet is thinking free of charge.)

Speaking of headlines: Have any of you out there ever met a dog named Fido? Or is that another tradition that lives on only in cliched ledes?

* The online version, at least



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