Sunday, July 07, 2013

Well, this is interesting

Must be a pretty quiet day out there in World Turmoil-land for this to be the morning's No. 2 story, huh?

Republicans ripped Secretary of State John Kerry for being on his yacht Wednesday as former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was removed from office.

Do tell!

A Web ad released Saturday by the National Republican Senatorial Committee showed Kerry windsurfing with the caption "Was John Kerry on his yacht? He wasn't" before reversing the footage and saying "He was." The ad then cut to the photo of Kerry on his yacht, "Isabel."

Formally, it's not an "ad," in that no one had to buy time or space for it, and it didn't have to go through some pesky ad-standards department. But it does look and act a lot like a standard campaign attack ad, the point of which is to discourage people from voting for whatever spawn of Satan it's aimed at. And that's interesting, because -- in the back there? Right. Secretary of State isn't an elective office. Kerry's already been confirmed, and his Senate seat has been filled. The video release is a chance to keep Friday's outrage story (credit where it's due there, Boston Herald) going for another cycle. Just a reminder to any former secretaries of State out there that it's already 2016 on Planet Fox.



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