Friday, August 24, 2012

Drinking game

Level with us here, Boston readers: Is this a drinking game for you guys? There's a pool on how long it takes Howie Carr to mention Ted Kennedy in any particular column?

Isaac permitting, I’ll be flying to Tampa on Sunday for the Republican convention.

Damn the computer models, Gridley, full speed ahead. I have not yet begun to tweet.

So what if even the Sunshine Skyway Bridge is washed away by Isaac’s flood tides? If Ted Kennedy could swim to safety in the raging waters from his sinking ’67 Oldsmobile Delmont, then I can make it to dry land from my ’12 Camry rental from Avis.

Ah, the days when journalism giants bestrode the earth.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not like Howie needs an excuse to bring up Ted Kennedy. (Keep in mind that the /Herald/ has been the Republican paper since Republicans were people like Nelson Rockefeller and George Aiken.)

9:49 PM, August 24, 2012  

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