Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Whose stolen car?

"Ma'am, did those boys steal that car?"

"No, officer, that's my stolen car!"

The lede clears things up, a bit:

Two 13-year-old boys stole a parent's car in Ohio and drove it hundreds of miles to Kansas City, Mo., where they were found sleeping in it in a downtown alley on Monday, police said.

... but if there's room, going from the homepage to the full story, to turn "over" into "more than," surely there's room for "car stolen from parent."

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Blogger John Birch said...

Still does not clear up whether the parent concerned was actually the parent of one, or both, or neither of the boys. "Two 13-year-old boys stole their parent's car..." could have made MUCH more sense.

Equally the best headline would be "13-year-old boys steal their parent's car and drive 650 miles to Kansas City".

1:38 AM, August 09, 2012  

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