Saturday, July 07, 2012

We don't need no second read on the agate

Has it been only three weeks since your most recent "We Don't Need No Education" hed, Nation's Newspaper of Record?

A pop music entry in the Listings pages on Friday about Roger Waters’s live presentation of the album “The Wall,” at Yankee Stadium on Friday and Saturday nights, misidentified the band that recorded the album. It was Pink Floyd, not the Who.

You'd like to think the performer's name would have been sort of a giveaway (unless the Times thought Mr. Waters joined the band after Mr. Floyd left). Still, it's hard to avoid concluding that a second set of eyes never hurt anything -- even in the almanac/calendar stuff.

Brickwise, "we don't need no ..." seems to be running right up there with "meet the new boss" and its offspring at the Times. The June hed was Krugman's second of the year.

Here's a simple desultory philippic. Maybe we could declare both forms to be knockin' on heaven's door for the rest of the year -- or at least the campaign season.

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