Friday, July 06, 2012

Math day at Fox

This homepage had to feel good coming off the bat at the old Fair 'n' Balanced Network. It's got union thugs threatening all the good work Republicans are doing. It's got Obama looking all Kenyan and Muslim. It's got another story (original to Fox*) about heartless bureaucrats getting in the way of everyday heroes. But really -- how long did you think you'd have to wait before Scott Peterson was top-of-the-page news again?

The story itself -- consisting of a Q&A with a prison official -- isn't as interesting as the frontpage blurb, though:

San Quentin prison officials reveal details about the daily routine of Laci Peterson's killer, from his relations with other inmates to what his 6-cubic-feet cell is like at the Northern California facility.

I think the answer to that is "pretty tight."

The closest approximation in the text appears to be this:

All inmates housed in California institutions are allowed 6 cubic feet of personal property.

... but who cares about details when a page like this one is waiting?

* It's interesting to note that in the national version, there's nothing in the story to back up the "will reportedly be investigated" in the lede. The local station appears to have at least tried for comments from the bureaucrats on Thursday night.

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