Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Stranded after told on list

You've probably seen versions of this hed shortcut before -- at least, part of it:

The cousins at Language Log have provided a detailed taxonomy of the practice and have continued tracking it into the Twitter age. There's plenty left to explore: whether broadsheets catch it from tabs, for example, or whether it was imported from overseas or arose here independently. Today's case seems to have spread in part through the miracle of roboposting. "Stranded after told" yields plenty of Google hits at newspaper and TV websites, and at a station where it's a local story, the last clause is repaired -- "San Diego Man Stranded After Told Name On No-Fly List" (the conversion to upstyle also suggesting some extra attention).

Two in the same hed -- "Man stranded after (being) told (he is) on no-fly list" -- seems like a breakthrough. Anybody seen a comparable double dip?

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