Friday, June 22, 2012

No, probably not

Think so?

Jerry Sandusky's lead defense attorney told reporters Friday that "he would probably die of a heart attack" if his client is acquitted on all 48 counts of sex abuse of young boys.

That's not what the sensibly paraphrased hed says ("Jerry Sandusky's lead attorney Joseph Amendola: I would 'probably die of a heart attack' if he's acquitted"), and it's not how the broadsheet competition renders the quote:

“I’ll probably die of a heart attack,” the lawyer, Joseph Amendola, said.

And if you don't trust the Nation's Newspaper of Record, there's a fuller version -- following a bizarre truncation in the lede -- at The Nation's Newspaper:

BELLEFONTE, Pa. – Jerry Sandusky's defense attorney said he would die of a "a heart attack'" if the jury returned with a full acquittal of the former Penn State University assistant football coach.

"Look at the odds against him,'" Joe Amendola said Friday, while awaiting a verdict in the case. "I'll probably die of a heart attack if he is acquitted of every charge."

Just another reminder, should you need one, that you don't have to spend the whole evening with a magnifying glass to make a story look substantially less clueless. Sometimes, you just have to remember that people don't generally talk about themselves in the third person.



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