Thursday, August 12, 2010

Forbidden heds

In case they didn't get the memo down at the Miami Herald, the [blank] + [blank] = [blank] construction is permanently banned under all circumstances. This hed must not be used. Offenders' fields will be salted, their cattle will be slain and thrown into their wells, and their children will be sold unto Media General amen.

Somewhere in this favored land lives someone who has never seen this hed before. That person may be among your readership, but don't bet on it. It's old. It's weary. It was a cliche when Great Caesar gave a passing glance to Ides + Brutus = Trouble and went straight for the sports page.* Try something different.

* Cicero used to complain that there was too much idle crap about the "gladiatorial pairs" in the news he got from home. Rly!



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