Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do I contradict myself?

Gee, what sort of story could possibly replace the stab in the heart salt in the wound slap in the face of the Ground Zero Victory Dance Mosque at the top of the Fair 'n' Balanced news agenda?
Now let's not always see the same hands.

Anyway. Slight problem with this ground-breaking exclusive. To hear the front page tell it, Clinton "joins other officials in claiming deadly Pakistani floods are linked to climate change as scientists say such a connection to individual disasters is difficult to prove." In the text itself, though, she sounds a lot more like the "scientists" than like the power-hungry, carbon-abating, freedom-destroying shrew we know:

Clinton, in an interview with Pakistan's Dawn TV, said "there is a linkage" between the recent spate of deadly natural disasters and climate change.

"You can't point to any particular disaster and say, 'it was caused by,' but we are changing the climate of the world," she said.

But the nice thing about being Fox is that it doesn't matter what she says. It matters what you can make people think she said.



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