Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby pictures!

That's the trouble with growing up: some- body's always pulling out the baby pictures. So here, in celebra- tion of the day in April 2005 when the little guys left their perilous home under the J-school shrubbery to become our Official Research Kitties, are Woodward (left) and Bernstein in their first few days of domesticity. Happy Bernieversary!

Minor pragmatic sidelight: That's the order we always introduce them in, but when they go to the vet, they're Bernstein and Woodward. Ah, the tyranny of the alphabet.

Your regular program of Fox-bashing, grammar-questioning and hed-ridiculing will resume shortly, but meanwhile -- lighten up. It's a blog. It's supposed to have pictures of cats every now and then.



Blogger Pete said...

Cats, sure, but where's the "I can haz chat w/dEeP ThRoAt" caption?

12:20 AM, April 16, 2010  

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