Friday, December 29, 2006

Bowl weekend hed reminder

Here's another of those advance resolutions that there's still time for some of you to keep. Remember, any time the hed

Bowled over
appears within 12 broadsheet or 24 tabloid pages of any story or photo about postseason football, an angel misjudges its approach and piles into an upright of the Pearly Gates at about 200 knots.

Yes, I'm looking across Elm Street at a particular newspaper even as we speak, but it's not the only offender. In the past few weeks, hed writers have inflicted "Bowled over" on readers of the Houston Chronicle (twice), the Seattle Times, the Oregonian, the Denver Post, the Boston Globe (also twice) and the Post-Dispatch, to name a few inhabitants of the Major Papers database.

If you don't have the time to waste on a wide-scale database search, at least check your own files. If you find that your original idea has been a hammerhed three times in two weeks for the past umpty-dozen years, that shall be a sign unto you.


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