Friday, December 29, 2006

Always at war with Eastasia

Another before-and-after from the cousins at Fox News. Here's a glimpse* of that opening page, as of about 9:45a Central today:

Saddam's Days Numbered
Former Iraqi dictator's lawyer asked by U.S. officials to retrieve personal effects; Saddam visited by brothers VIDEO
U.S. Forces Kill Six, Destroy Weapons Cache in Iraq Raids
Two Iranians Detained in Iraq Reportedly Released
Arctic Ice Shelf Breaks Loose
Massive 41-square-mile ice shelf breaks away from land in Canadian Arctic; scientists fear global warming to blame
DUI Charge KOs Mike Tyson
Former heavyweight champion suspected of driving under influence, cocaine possession after almost hitting sheriff's car

Those damn scientists! Sneaking in among our Mike Tyson stories with that pesky global warming again! How long did it take to fix this offense against the party line? We don't know, but here's a look at the top heds from three hours later ("updated 16 minutes ago"):

Final Hours
Judge: Saddam to be executed by Saturday
Iraqi prime minister signs death warrant; conflicting reports emerge if Saddam's been transferred to Iraq custody VIDEO
U.S. Forces Brace For Violence After Execution
Timeline: Saddam Hussein's Life and Career
DUI, Drug Charges KO Mike Tyson
Former heavyweight champ released from Arizona jail without bond after being arrested on DUI, cocaine possession charges
Cops: Murder of Ivy League Prof's Wife Staged to Look Like Burglary
U. Penn professor's wife found bludgeoned to death in kitchen of their home; cops not ruling him out as suspect

Pretty good upgrade for the Penn geek story. "Underwear-clad Bush opera" is still down there among "latest headlines." But Site Of Former 41-Square-Mile Ice Shelf? It's been demoted to somewhere in the Science section.

Needless to say, the "Only on Fox" section right below the heds still has this:
Polar Bear Meltdown?
Opinion: The White House caved in to junk science

And "Fox 24/7" has two related reefers:
Hannity & Colmes
'Real Free Speech'
Dennis Miller's end of year thoughts on life on Mars, liberals, diversity training, Hillary Clinton and 'eco-nuts'
The Big Story w/ John Gibson
On Thin Ice Bush administration wants polar bears listed as 'threatened' species

Everybody else at Fox can get the hymnal open. What ails the folks over at the news desk? Ain't they heard we're at war with Eastasia?

* Anybody out there know how to turn .mht files into bitmaps?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can always do a CTRL-PrintScreen to copy your screen into the buffer and then do a paste into Paint or your favorite .bmp editor.

4:57 PM, January 01, 2007  
Blogger fev said...

Tnx. I'll give that a try as soon as we, um, get the dinosaurs stabled and fed.

9:34 PM, January 01, 2007  

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