Sunday, December 24, 2006

Up against the wall, comrade!

Let's kick off Media Studies Weekend here at HEADSUP-L with an office pool: How long do you figure Story No. 3 here will stay up on the Fox News front page?

Christmas Terror Plot
Report: CIA tips off Brits to Channel Tunnel threat
Major thoroughfare that connects Britain to France is holiday terror target of Islamic terrorists, Observer reports
Bush Considers $10 Billion 'New Deal' To Accompany Troop Surge in Iraq
Rebuilding component to new Iraq strategy would create jobs to draw unemployed Iraqis away from insurgency
Rising Waters Sink Inhabited Island
India's Lohachara island near the Bay of Bengal was home to 10,000 people, global warming believed to be a cause

The hed says "believed to be," but the story (a straight pickup from the Indy) out-and-out says it's global warming. How long do you figure before the Fox secret police kick in the door and pack the poor overnight editor off to reeducation in Siberia?

More follows.


Anonymous Bad News Barnes said...

Oh, come on, Fred. Put that creative mind to use.

I'll bet there's some editor (likely new, as she was on the clock on Christmas eve) who couldn't bring herself to put her tin-foil hat on tight enough to ignore the global warming story, instead using the holiday to pull a classic PR trick.

Got bad news? Release it on Friday.
Got really bad news? Let it fly when the majority of your viewership is enfolded in a triptophan and spiked-eggnog-enduced state of semiconsciousness.

It makes perfect sense. In 30 or 50 years - when the only way to get to a Starbucks in downtown Seattle is by boat - people are going to take a hard look at Fox and anyone else who quoted API flack as frequently as, say, real geologists when covering global warming.

Yesterday's story helps give Fox a chance to cover their behinds when that time arives.

"We did too cover global warming," they can say. "Just look at this dire story from 2006 in our online archives."

At that point, all they have to hope is that no one realizes it was published on a day when no one was reading.

(By the way, that "Arise ye Workers" post looks like blog spam. Are you really handing out stock quotes now?)

8:56 PM, December 25, 2006  
Blogger fev said...

Aw, where's that faith in human nature?

I _am_ getting interested in how this plays out at Fox, considering that global warming was sorta top play on Fox's (staff-written) Top 10 science roundup for 2006. I'm getting the readings together for a look at how news interacts with newsroom culture, and this one could be a fun audience-participation thing.

No more stock tips, unless somebody else from something called "Marxist's section" has a really good one to share.

9:51 PM, January 01, 2007  

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