Thursday, November 02, 2017

Droolers and magic words

The droolers are all about the performative magic of  words these last few days! The is from the Town Hall piece linked at The Fox Nation above:

... As the investigation continues, the media once again showed how they’ve become a clown show. First, a New York Times columnist decided to give a hat tip to New York for having strong gun control laws - totally absurd since Saipov is not a New York resident. Also, he was still able to kill eight people. It was just a dumb remark and politicized the tragedy. This was a terror attack. It’s not the time to peddle gun control talking points.

Second, there’s still the allergic reaction to call things what they are on the Left. CBS News at least put it in their report, but CNN decided to go the old Associated Press route and say Saipov yelled “God is great” in Arabic. Granted, some reporters at the network said Saipov said “Allahu akbar,” but I guess Wolf Blitzer didn’t get the memo. In April, 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad opened fire in Fresno, shouting “allahu akbar,” as he was arrested by law enforcement.

The prize, though, goes to the Washington Times's elite "Rapid Reactions" desk:

Jake Tapper, of CNN fame, spoke in the aftermath of the terror attack in New York City by saying — get this — that the phrase “Allahu akbar,” reportedly uttered by the suspected terrorist, is actually a phrase of beauty, in the right circumstances.

Yes — and, in that vein, so was Heil Hitler, depending on the source and context of the utterance.

But this is how the media rolls. When Islam meets terror, and Allah’s at the root, count on the mainstream, lamestream of the media world to find any which way possible to dig up a defense.

I suppose there's no use waiting for the copy desk to ask about those circumstances under which "Heil Hitler" is a phrase of beauty to the reporter. But we're about to get to the fun part:

Breitbart picked up the televised exchange, between Tapper and CNN’s crime and justice reporter, Shimon Prokupecz.

It went like this:

Tapper: Shimon’s got some breaking news on this “horrific incident.”

Shimon: “That’s right Jake. So what we’re told, I’m told by three sources now that the NYPD and the FBI are investigating this as a terrorism incident. Our understanding is that, according to witnesses … they’re telling police that they heard the driver saying, yelling, ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,’ during this incident.”

And Tapper’s response?

“The Arabic chant, Allahu Akbar, God is great, sometimes is said under the most beautiful of circumstance and too often, we hear it being said in moments like this,” he said.

Today's pro tip? If you have to quote Breitbart, stop before you get to the part the proves you're lying. But onward!

Oh please, make it stop.

It’s bad enough the leftists of the country can’t take even the most mundane and common sense of national security protections to stave off radical Islam terror attacks — like clamping the borders, for example.

But now we’ve got to listen to tripe like Tapper‘s, that uses a terror attack — a terror attack committed by an Islamic believer in the messaging and violent means of ISIS — to propel a politically correct view of the phrase “Allahu akbar?”

Sorry, Tapper. Allahu akbar is what it is. And what it is, at least in the minds of Americans wearied by Islamic-tied terror, is a rally call to violence. Calling it beautiful, especially in context of discussing the latest terror hit on American soil, is indicative of a mind blinded by political correctness, disconnected with reality — and even, sadly, a heart that’s apathetic and callous toward the innocent victims of the “Allahu akbar” terrorists.

Breitbart, in turn, tries to bail the writer out (apparently, there is honor among the foamy-mouthed):

But on top of misleading his viewers, there is the jaw-dropping  inappropriateness of Tapper’s imperious reminder that “Allahu Akbar” is “sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances.” As Cheryl K. Chumley of the Washington Times accurately points out, “so was Heil Hitler” said at weddings, funerals, family reunions, and children’s birthday parties. But who thinks offering that kind of context is anything but unseemly?

... Using one of his transparent semantic arguments, Tapper publicly freaked out and launched a hysterical Twitter crusade declaring his critics a liar, including those who quoted him directly, like Sean Hannity, who did nothing more than broadcast video of the segment in question:

Breitbart does us a real favor here, presenting a goodly catalog of its fellow liars. Should you be wondering, no. You should never miss a chance to mock these clowns.

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