Monday, December 05, 2016

Two editors walk into a bar

So if two copy editors walk into a restaurant and see some dude waving a gun and proclaiming that he's there to investigate a made-up story about the Clinton campaign, they should:

a) Duck
b) Report that the dude is investigating the fake news
c) Try the calamari! Thanks, I'll be here all week.

In the good old days, we could have had (d), avoid the assumption that self-proclaimed investigators hewing to a paranoid style of political discourse are actually doing the things they claim to be doing, particularly when it's going at the top of the front page. The naked guy waving a chainsaw to keep the invisible ammonia beings of Planet Mxyzptlk at bay doesn't get a hed proclaiming MAN FENDING OFF SPACE CREATURES HAS N.C. LINKS.

One would like to think this doesn't need explaining, but perhaps we need to start at the beginning with some stuff. And don't forget your server, folks.

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