Saturday, December 03, 2016

Second front

If you feared you would miss the War on Fox, the War on Birds or (of course) the War on Christmas, be of good cheer:
The right-wing news site Breitbart has declared “#WAR” on Kellogg’s, calling for a boycott of the cereal company’s products after they decided to cease advertising on the site.

... In response to Kellogg’s statement, Breitbart published a furious attack on the cereal company on Wednesday saying that the move represents “an escalation in the war by leftist companies ... against conservative customers”. Editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow called for a boycott of the company’s products, saying: “For Kellogg’s, an American brand, to blacklist Breitbart News in order to placate left-wing totalitarians is a disgraceful act of cowardice.”

Why does Breitbart hate American exports? Why does Breitbart hate freedom? WHY DOES BREITBART HATE AMERICA????


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