Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump makes sun rise in East

There was certainly good news this morning, Mr. and Mrs. America: Guess which cowardly automaker backed down in the wake of the radiant one's victory? (The flag is a lovely touch; Drudge has used it before on stories that were, um, completely false, but what's a little framing among friends?)

As almost everyone has already pointed out, no. The image isn't technically a lie -- Ford is, after all, staying -- but does qualify as cask-strength bullshit, in that Ford had never planned to leave. It had apparently been considering sending production of one SUV to Mexico so it could make more of one that sold better at the current plant. As the Reuters update puts it:

So were Trump’s tweets that there would be “no Mexico” because he “worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky” misleading?

“I’ll let each individual reach their own conclusions, but the true answer should be clear to anyone,” Dunn [the UAW oficial mentioned earlier] said in an interview. “What is important is the transparency between Ford Motor Co. and the UAW. We’re doing a good job and that wasn’t decided in an overnight tweet.”

Which is really no nevermind when America has been made great again, right? You can see the theme developing from Wednesday:
As even the the truck farm of quantitative disinformation that is ZeroHedge points out, yes and no. The strong dollar is not a universal sign of greatness.

The concern about "fake news" on Facebook is amusing but, in the long run, pretty trivial. The open dishonesty of the new regime's favorite "real news" sites, on the other hand, is going to be a challenge.

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