Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sounds like chicken, tastes like a freight train

Along with the gunman who kept to himself and was a quiet little fella, several identity/occupation categories tend to always emerge at predictable places in crime stories: former Harvard student and crazed Vietnam veteran, for example. So it's nice to have a wild-caught example from overseas: here, the Torygraph.

Your next question might be: Hmm. Wonder how long that one's going to remain in place. Answer, not too long:
A second "a source," after all, is now in play:

A source claimed: “He’s not a brilliant student. One tutor described him as one of the most disorganised students he has had to teach.”

Though, since the link still says "2016/09/21/highly-intelligent-oxford-university-student-arrested-after-sexu/" and the raised quote is still on screen, despite no longer appearing in the text:

... you're entitled to wonder whether the tweak is a reflection of conscience or simple news routines. Or even if the Torygraph understands that, you know, other people besides the suspect might have a stake in how the story is reported.

(h/t Diego)

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