Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Today in balance

Well, good to know how things look on the news pages of America's Dailies (here's the AP story that appeared under the Freep hed above). Wonder if it's any better over at a truly Fair 'n' Balanced outlet:
In what could be a "told you so" moment for Donald Trump, the U.K. on Tuesday announced plans to build a "big new wall" at a border port in France to prevent migrants in nearby camps from sneaking aboard vehicles heading to Britain.

So ... surely there's a plan to make the cheese-eating surrender monkeys pay for the construction costs, right?

... The proposal is far smaller in scope than the kind of U.S.-Mexico wall Trump is demanding.

A Home Office spokeswoman told the four-meter-high wall (about 13 feet) would be built along both sides of a one-kilometer (.6 mile) stretch of the main road into the Calais port. The office estimates it will be done by the end of the year.

At least it's vertical. But did you have to bring up the "far smaller" bit?

... Though the wall is significantly smaller than what Trump has proposed – and would protect a road rather than an entire border -- it weaves into Trump’s narrative that walls work and are a vital part of a comprehensive immigration policy.

Proponents of Trump’s plan have noted the success of other countries in building a border wall. The most commonly cited example is Israel, which built a wall along the West Bank that it says has been effective in reducing the threat of terrorism. Trump has cited Israel’s wall as justification for his own plan.

Having just heard a military expert on MSNBC note that General Lee won Gettysburg for Lincoln two days after being appointed, I'm not sure there's any context I could add.


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