Thursday, September 15, 2016

War on Editing

Sigh. If the point of keeping an in-house copy desk is to generate captions about "Motown singer Chuck Berry" for a newspaper that says "Detroit" in the nameplate, we might as well go ahead and outsource now.

The reference (in the otherwise reasonably compelling story) is this: "A cherry red, made-in-Detroit 1973 Cadillac Eldorado owned by singer Chuck Berry." We should probably also try something other than a coin toss to determine how many words there are in "Eldorado." And one can be forgiven for wondering whether someone after the writer didn't understand that "chapter" in this sentence probably means something very much like "group":

“We have a group of at least 50 people from Delta Sigma Theta  age 62 years and older,” said Marion Binion of Detroit, 67, whose Detroit Chapter group scored tickets for Oct., 16.

Yes, insisting on irrelevant changes in other people's text is also a good way of overlooking extra, commas, in, dates.

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