Saturday, August 06, 2016

No, not really

Hey, it must be nice to have some positive election news at the Fair 'n' Balanced Network!

Donald Trump this weekend pounced on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and her continuing efforts to fully explain her culpability, amid Republicans and other supporters now repeatedly urging him to stick with his likely best winning strategy.

At last, all pulling together! So he got the message?

... Last weekend, Clinton told “Fox News Sunday” that FBI Director James Comey said that she was “truthful” to the American public about her use of a private email server while secretary of state -- a statement critics of the Democratic presidential nominee quickly disputed.

However, Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, didn’t appear to fully engage on the issue until Friday night, after Clinton, in a press conference, suggested she “short circuited” her remarks Sunday and was in fact saying Comey acknowledged her being truthful with the FBI during the agency’s investigation into the email issue.

But he's on the beam now, right? Tell us how he pounced on those emails!

At a rally Friday night in Wisconsin, after Clinton’s remarks earlier that day at a National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists gathering, Trump called Clinton “unbalanced” and “unhinged.”

“She's a monster, look at what's happened, look at her history,” Trump said at a rally in Green Bay. “In another way, she's a weak person. She's actually not strong enough to be president."

Uh, OK.

I don't think we ought to classify this as a lie on Fox's part, or even a bullshitting. It's more of a fairy tale -- a moral fable about how the world ought to work, rather than a tedious procedural account of how it does work, told to keep children from climbing strange beanstalks or following hideous old crones into huts made of candy. Things usually turn out OK, even if it gets a little hairy for the protagonists around bedtime (yours, not theirs). One can wonder, though, how the Fox audience must feel when someone opens the door to the hut and there's the witch, sitting down to a dinner of brats in puff pastry.

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