Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mic drops of 1934

Clearly not the same flavor of dropping the mic we see today, but still worth a note. It's January 1934, and a popular radio personality is in Washington:

Father Charles E. Coughlin, Detroit radio priest, forsook the microphone today to deliver a typical Sunday afternoon sermon in the vaulted caucus room of the house office building.

His text was money; his audience, the members of the house committee on coinage and some three hundred of his radio fans, who filled every available seat and stood lined two deep along the walls to hear him.

This was back in Coughlin's pro-FDR days, so:

... "God Almighty is guiding Mr. Roosevelt: there's no question about that! And we're headed for a proisperity such as we've never even dreamed of."

I admit to a touch of longing for the days when we spelled "mike" the good old way, though given the Trib's spelling rules* of the time, I'm almost surprised that Col. McCormick didn't give "mic" a try.

* Capitalization is as in the original.

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