Sunday, January 03, 2016

Dumb rednecks with Twitter (a slight return)

Dear Texas: Does Greg Abbott always get to be the meanest drunk in the bar, or do other elected officials get to share?

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is planning to move forward with executive actions on guns in the next week or two, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott isn't waiting for any form of action dealing with guns to come from the White House before he expresses his opposition.

And how did he, um. peacefully petition for redress of his grievances?

"Obama wants to impose more gun control. My response.#? COME & TAKE IT @NRA #tcot #PJNET," Abbott tweeted from his personal Twitter account on New Year's Day.

What do you suppose the Kenyan cannon-grab is going to look like?

According to Politico, the proposals could include requiring an expanded number of small-scale gun sellers to be licensed which would force them to conduct background checks when selling a weapon. Politico said that wouldn't close the gun-show loophole, but could make it a little tougher to deal with.

I guess the shortcut makes sense: "you can have some of my freedom to conduct unregulated business when you can pry it from my cold, dead hands" is going to have trouble fitting on the T-shirt. Still, it's interesting to note that this is the same guy who, as attorney general, was ready to prosecute any UN observers who got too uppity looking at Texas election procedures back in 2012:

On Twitter, Abbott didn't sound reassured.

He tweeted: "UN-related vote monitors warn Texas: Don't mess with us. My response: BRING IT."

Hope you still have the gold and freeze-dried food!

Anyway. Dear Texas: Please stop screwing it up for the rest of us. Love, The South.


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