Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Calm down, everybody

Would someone mind injecting a few drops of sweet reason into the water coolers downtown?

Short version: Technically, no. Memorial Day is not the "battle for the playoffs." It's barely even the battle for spring. The season is less than 30% complete. Back in the days before the World Series overlapped with the War on Christmas, it was known as the Fall Classic. (And you guys should remember that; the Tigers represented the AL in the last Series before the curse of the playoffs began.)

You don't have to get off the lawn, and you can wear your baseball cap backward* if you want to. This isn't really a securitization rant, but it does raise some parallel questions. If you're at panic stations for the postseason already, how are we going to know when to start taking you seriously?

* Baseball caps are sort of like the Arabic alphabet; they're only "backward" if there's a fixed value of "frontward." Your music, on the other hand, is STILL JUST NOISE.

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